Background to the development of VEPS.

VEPS has been developed by myself, an experienced Product Design Development Engineer and Health and Safety professional (Former HM Inspector with HSE) over a number of years.

The idea central to this invention came to me as a result of regularly seeing tradesmen in the construction industry accessing the roof of their vehicles to load and unload ladders and other 'long' materials such as timber, guttering, soffits etc. My knowledge of Health & Safety legislation mean that I know this is not an acceptable system of work. Subsequent research has highlighted a number of significant pieces of case law in this area which highlight the serious consequences of a fall from from such a height.

Perhaps the most significant cases were the tragic deaths of Mr Graeme Fraser Duthie and Mr Stephen Huntley, and the accident suffered by a Mr Wright who was injured whilst loading a roller door onto his van. (Further details are available in the 'Law' and 'Links' sections of this website)

When considering  improving your fleet efficiency, it seems crazy that the additional capacity offered by roof racks fitted to ‘Transit’ type vans would not be fully utilised. How many employers are paying suppliers to deliver items which, through the use of VEPS, they could safely collect themselves, both saving time and money, as well as reducing the number of vehicles on the road - so important in these times when environmental concerns are to the forefront of many businesses ?