April 2016

Travis Perkins Builders Merchant fined £2 million (+ costs) following death of Mr Mark J Pointer in November 2012

March 2016

Testing of prototypes indicates elastic deformation under maximum loading is well within the tolerances set out in BS EN:13374 (class A), an extremely positive outcome, and the result of extensive development work. 

12 January 2016

Anglian Windows Ltd fined £10,000 after a worker fell from the roof of a van, causing severe head injuries.

24 June 2015

VEPS presentation to Robertson Construction & invited guests, Stirling

20 May 2015

VEPS presentation to  Scottish Specialist Engineering Contractors Group Safety Forum

April 2015

CV Show 2015

30 March 2015

VEPS website launched.

October 2014

VEPS Patent granted

1 October 2014

Pawel Chuboda, a self employed roofer of Burbank, Illinois died following a fall whilst securing goods onto the roof of his van

18 September 2014

VEPS presentation to Scottish Construction Safety Group, Whitburn

17 June 2014

Thames Water contractor injured in fall from van roof

20 March 2014

Air ambulance responds to man injured in a fall from his van in Blue Town, Sheppy

November 2012

​Mr Mark J Pointer died following a fall whilst loading timbers at Travis Perkins Depot in Milton Keynes.

19 June 2012

Mr Alan Campbell falls from Anglian Windows Ltd van roof whilst loading roof rack, suffering severe head injuries

28 August 2009

FAI into the Death of Mr Graeme Fraser Duthie in a fall from his van roof

​12 July 2008

Fatal accident to Mr Stephen Huntley in a fall whilst unloading his van

10 Dec 2007

Mr Graeme Fraser Duthie falls from his van during loading, leading to his death on 17th December. 

February 2006

Northern Electric pay undisclosed compensation to employee injured in fall from van

22 May 2003

High Court Civil case into Wright v Romford Blinds and Shutters Ltd following Mr Wrights fall

7 December 1998

Mr Wright, employed by Romford Blinds & Shutters Ltd falls from his van roof whilst loading