Licensing Opportunity

  • Versatility - Not JUST Ladders
  • Efficiency - Maximise your fleet potential
  • Practicality - Seconds to erect / store
  • Safety - Our CORE value

Background information on the UK light commercial vehicle market.

Background information on the development of VEPS, the problem and the solution.

If you have any questions, or have an interest in being involved in bringing VEPS to market, get in touch.

Keep up to date with the latest news and developments with the project.

A little bit of background on our designer.  

VEPS has been.granted a UK patent which covers our elevating edge protection system which accommodates the storage of long items,

Further sources of information on H&S requirements around the world and the automotive market.

We are actively seeking a suitable partner organisation to help take VEPS to market. Our UK patent has been granted, and we are looking to work with a manufacturer with a proven track record in either the Automotive or Safety Equipment sectors. 

Please contact us to discuss  .

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Key Attributes

Alastair Brown.

An outline of the development process to date.

An introduction to the legal considerations which are central to the project.